Well the final tallies are in for NGI’s annual and Q4 2011 gas marketer box scores and it looks like BP once again grabs all the marbles. Actually, we saw no real surprises in the top five slots, although there was a bit of jockeying in the top 25 for the year and some movement in the quarterlies. Overall volume-wise, NGI reports that in Q4 2011, we saw much the same figures all around for marketed gas, compared to the prior year’s Q4, but overall, 2011 saw a 1 percent decline compared with 2010. Thank the warm weather.

Total sales transactions among NGI’s surveyed companies were nearly unchanged in Q4 2011, compared with 4Q 2010. Twenty-six of the leading companies participating in NGI’s survey had total sales transactions of 135.29 Bcf/d in 4Q 2011, compared with 135.86 Bcf/d that they transacted in Q4 2010. And there was a 2 Bcf/d (1 percent) decline in the total sales transactions for the annual period, according to the survey. Three of the top five marketers for both the quarter and the year posted a decline in sales.

Despite these soft numbers, NGI reports that there was an increase in domestic gas production of 4.3 Bcf/d, or 7.5 percent, in 2011 over 2010, marking the largest year-over-year production jump in the last 25 years. This latter bit came from Bentek Energy figures.

Number one marketer BP remains out of reach for ConocoPhillips, the second-ranked company in NGI’s quarterly survey, which reported 16.10 Bcf/d in Q4 2011, a 10 percent increase from 14.70 Bcf/d in Q4 2010. ConocoPhillips was also the second-ranked company in NGI’s full-year 2011 survey, reporting an average 15.45 Bcf/d, a 5 percent increase from 14.65 Bcf/d in 2010. In January ConocoPhillips said it was shutting in about 100 MMcf/d in North America and didn’t anticipate spending heavily on new natural gas drilling this year. Shell Energy didn’t fare as well, reporting 13.80 Bcf/d in 4Q 2011, a 9 percent decline from 15.10 Bcf/d in 4Q2010, and 13.20 Bcf/d for 2011, a 15 percent decline from 15.60 Bcf/d in 2010.



Highlights of NGI’s Q4 2011 Top North American Gas Marketers Ranking include a 4 percent increase for Louis Dreyfus (7.20 Bcf/d, compared with 6.89 Bcf/d in 4Q 2010), enough to bump the Stamford, CT-based to No. 6 in the survey from No. 12 in 3Q 2011. The Q4 2011 survey also saw a 9 percent increase for Sequent (5.44 Bcf/d, compared with 4.98 Bcf/d in Q4 2010); a 52 percent increase for Citigroup (3.40 Bcf/d, compared with 2.24 Bcf/d in Q4 2010); a 5 percent increase for Devon Energy Corp. (2.66 Bcf/d, compared with 2.53 Bcf/d in Q4 2010); a 9 percent increase for Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (2.33 Bcf/d, compared with 2.14 Bcf/d in Q4 2010); and a 16 percent increase for Southwestern Energy Co. (1.75 Bcf/d, compared with 1.51 Bcf/d in Q4 2010). Joining the NGI survey are Hess Corp., which reported 2.01 Bcf/d in Q4 2011 and 2.17 Bcf/d in 2011, and Omaha, NE-based Gavilon, which reported 1.41 Bcf/d in Q4 2011 and 1.29 Bcf/d for 2011.

In NGI’s Full-Year 2011 Top North American Gas Marketers Ranking, highlights include an 11 percent increase for EDF Trading NA (7.22 Bcf/d, compared with 6.50 Bcf/d in 2010); a 37 percent increase for JP Morgan (6.68 Bcf/d, compared with 4.88 Bcf/d in 2010); a 37 percent increase for ExxonMobil Corp. (4.33 Bcf/d, compared with 3.16 Bcf/d in 2010) and a 68 percent increase for Citigroup (3.57 Bcf/d, compared with 2.12 Bcf/d in 2010).

Source: Quarterly financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or if necessary, statements signed by company officials and provided to NGI.

For a full copy of the NGI survey and story, go to http://intelligencepress.com/features/rankings/gas/